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To purchase individual books: order online at or call toll-free

Sign up for the Religion by Region book club and save 30% off the list price. If you sign up for the book club, you'll receive all the books already published. Then. you'll receive each new volume in the series as it is published, along with an invoice. If you wish to, you may return any of the volumes in the series or cancel your book club membership at any time. For more information, contact the AltaMira book coordinator at 1-800-462-6420.

4 convenient ways to sign up for book club:

1.Order online at and receive a 15% discount
(online orders only)
2. Call toll-free 1-800-462-6420.
3. FAX Order Form toll-free  to 1-800-1-800-338-4550.
4. Mail Order Form to AltaMira Press, 1520 NBN Way, P.O.Box 191,
Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214-0191







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