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Professor of Psychology

Dept. of Psychology
Trinity College
300 Summit St.
Hartford, Connecticut 06106-3100
Phone: 860 297-2343
FAX 860 297-2538
Email: William M Mace


High School:
East Alton-Wood River Community High School

B. A. Yale University, (Psychology) 1967

Ph.D. University of Minnesota (Child Psychology) 1971

My office, my teaching, and lab work, have been in this building, the Albert C. Jacobs Life Sciences Center, ever since I began at Trinity in 1971. The building, opened in 1969, is a recognized example of Brutalist architecture. Despite occasional attempts to have people call it the Jacobs building, it is referred to as LSC. LSC is the home of Psychology, Biology, and much of Neuroscience.

Since 1975 I have served numerous 3 year terms as Department Chair. The present term ends after the Spring semester in 2011.

When our Society (ISEP) began the journal, Ecological Psychology, in 1989, I became the first Editor and have continued in that role to the present. Much of my professional time is devoted to directing the ISEP and to editing the journal.

The tabs at the top [and bottom] of the page are self-explanatory and link to other information. Names and links to some Trinity grads that I've known well, or otherwise know about, are on the Departmental History page. All of our students and faculty members are part of that history, and I intend to add information as people send it in.