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Plans for a 2-State Solution: The RAND Palestine Project


Crucial Diplomatic Documents & Sites

  • Documents of the Oslo Peace Process includes Oslo, Oslo II, Wye River Memorandum, Hebron Redeployment, Camp David Accords of 1978 (site maintained by Israeli embassy)
  • The Beilin-Abu Mazen document Released in October 1995, this document was negotiated by Yossi Beilin (at the time, an Israeli cabinet minister) and Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen; at the time, key PLO official and would become first Prime Minister of PNA in 2003). Laid out a settlement which is similar to the Geneva Accord of October 2003 (see below).
  • The EU non-paper A very interesting document, it represents the European Union's diplomatic understanding of what was and was not achieved at the Taba negotiations of January, 2001 -- the last round of Oslo-based negotiations between Israel and the PNA.
  • The Quartet Road Map Accepted by Israeli & Palestinian side at Aqaba Conference, June 3, 2003. Sponsored by US, Russia, EU, and UN (the "Quartet").
  • The Geneva Accord Text as released to Ha'aretz of the 44-page accord negotiated by Yossi Beilin (now a private citizen) and Yassir Abd Rabbo; announced October, 2003.
  • U.S. Embassy, Israel Official site (Tel Aviv)
  • U.S. Consulate General, Jerusalem Responsible for U.S. diplomatic contacts with the PNA
  • Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official site (Jerusalem)

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