Religious Anti-Catholicism

Religious anti-Catholicism is rooted in the Reformation, and was once an acceptable part of most Protestant demoninations. Since the advent of the ecumenical movement afterWorld War II, and especially since Vatican II in the early 1960's, anti-Catholicism has either quietly faded or been explicitly dropped by the majority of Protestant churches. The people, churches and organizations listed below are very conservative Protestant Christians, with many (and possibly a majority) being fundamentalists, in the technical sense of adhering to the so-called five fundamentals. Another common (though not universal) feature is adherence to the belief that the King James Bible is the only acceptable English translation. (This link provides further information on fundamentalism.) They continue the traditional polemics of the Reformation and 19th century American Nativism, but they also incorporate ideas from secular anti-Catholicism.

The number of sites which fall in this category continues to grow, and it is now almost impossible to document them all. Below I have retained all the sites which were part of my original web site, and I have added additional sites that I have found or which were suggested to me. Many of these sites contain links to additional sites not given; there is even a web-ring devoted to anti-catholicism.

  • Bible Challenge for Catholics
  • The webring itself only contains 27 members (as of 08/03/04), but they also list an additional 175 sites in their links index. Some of these links may be duplicated below.

    The material on this page has been organized into four categories. At the end of each list I have retained now defunct links, since at least one such link became inactive and then was reactivated, and others have had their material incorporated into other sites.

    Anti-Catholic Organizations

    The following sites are for organizations devoted exclusively to countering the errors of Catholicism (often referred to as "Romanism" or "popery") and "saving" Catholics.

  • Mission to Catholics International
  • Mission to Catholics is headed by Bart Brewer, an ex-Catholic priest. Ex-Catholics seem to play a prominent role in anti-Catholic organizations. In particular, a great deal of weight is placed on the testimony of men and women who were (or are reputed to have been) priest or nuns. The most notorious of these is Jack Chick's ex-Jesuit agent provocateur Alberto Rivera. Historically, the most famous is Maria Monk, who in the 1830's purported to reveal the secrets of a Montreal convent.

    This site contains a collection of articles, tracts and books, two of which are of special interest. The first is an old forgery reputed to be a speech given by a bishop at the First Vatican Council denouncing the papacy. Such false or distorted material is constantly recycled by various anti-Catholic organizations. The second is an article accusing the Protestant men's movement Promise Keepers of being in league with the Catholic Church and working to "to break down the barriers to the one world church of anti-Christ!". Hostility towards other Protestants who are perceived as being dupes of the Catholic Church is also common among anti-Catholic organizations.

  • Berean Beacon Ministries
  • Another organization headed by an ex-Catholic priest, Richard Bennett. Of interest is the large collection of personal testimonies by ex-Catholics.

  • Former Catholics for Christ
  • Yet another outreach to Catholics by ex-Catholics. The editor is Diane Schoeppner, but the number and identity of others involved in the organization is uncertain. Of interest are an article documenting their outreach work at the Stark County, Ohio, fair, and on-line versions of a number of old anti-Catholic books.

  • It Is Finished
  • Another small ministry headed by an ex-Catholic, Rande Snyder. It describes itself as "the ministry based on TRUTH, not tolerance."

  • Proclaiming the Gospel

  • This organization is headed by Mike Gendron, who, unlike the founders of the organizations above, appears to never have been a Catholic. Of interest is an article in the July/August, 1999, newsletter (archived here) which contains an anti-catholic forgery. I have tried to determine the origins of this quotation but have not been completely successful.

  • Good News for Catholics
  • The twin goals of this organization are to "educate Christians about Catholicism and to bring the gospel to the Catholic people," since Catholicism is "unbiblical" and has "deceived" people. Of interest is their link to an on-line version of the Catechims of the Catholic Church. Not surprisingly, many anti-Catholic organizations gravitate to this authoritative statement of Catholic doctrine.

  • Christians Evangelizing Catholics
  • A ministry associated with the Carr Township Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. They are a member of the Association of Fundamentalists Evangelizing Catholics. They also have a list of other anti-Catholic ministries, a number of which do not have web sites.

  • IconBusters
  • Also known as Protestant Reform Publications, this organization is nominally devoted to refuting what it perceives to be errors in the interpretation of the Book of Revelation. However, the heart of its interpretation is that the Pope is the anti-Christ. Of interest are online versions of several very old post-Reformation polemics on the anti-Christ. Also of interest is their album of pictures (each with a sophmoric caption) of the Pope and other Catholic figures.

    I learned of this site from an e-mail correspondant who wrote: deserves a place in your list of Anti Catholic web sites as it
    is the most vitriolic site presently available. I encourage my kids to check it's video sections out regularly to ensure that the Antichrist of the Vatican won't draw them in to his web.

  • European Institute of Protestant Studies
  • Founded and directed by Ian Paisley, a conservative Presbyterian minister and political leader in northern Ireland. Its purpose is to "expound the Bible and expose the Papacy." It contains a number of articles, both classical and modern on the errors of Catholicism. (See the multiple links on the main page.) This is one of a very few number of anti-Catholic sites from outside the United States that I have found.

  • Presents of God Ministry
  • A ministry and web site based in Fowler, Indiana, and associated (in some way) with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They believe Saturday is the true sabbath, and regard the Catholic Church as the anti-Christ, whose "mark" is moving the sabbath to Sunday. (For a detailed explanation, see the Flash animations on the anti-Christ which are accessible from the home page.) The site contains a number of anti-Catholic articles; because of its design it is very difficult to navigate and impossible to link to specific pages.

  • The Pope is a Dope Page
  • A site of uncertain authorship which condemns the Pope as the anti-Christ. The name about says it all. Of interest is their parody of the official Vatican web site.

  • Reaching Catholics for Christ
  • An organization based in Oregon, it describes itself as "an association of ministries and   individuals having a zeal to share the truth of biblical salvation with Roman Catholics."

  • Freedom From Catholicism
  • A site maintained by Mary Ann Collins, an ex-Catholic and former Catholic nun. Of interest is her extensive collection of pictures of various Catholic items. Also of interest is the on-line version of her book Unmasking Catholicism.

  • Fly To Truth (Defunct as of 08/11/00)
  • A site devoted to exposing the falsehoods of the Catholic Church, the "mother of abominations". It also has an interesting collection of anti-Catholic links.

  • II the Catholic IV his People (Defunct as of 07/19/04)

  • White Horse Publications (Defunct as of 07/19/04)
  • A small publishing house devoted exclusively to anti-Catholic literature. Of interest is a set of video tapes recording a debate between "two Christian men" and "two Roman Catholic apologists" on "Popery." This is a good example of the fierce desire many anti-Catholic organizations have to engage any and all Catholics in debate.

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    Organizations with Anti-Catholic Material

    The following organizations are not devoted exclusively to anti-Catholicism, but each has a varying amount of space devoted to it.

  • Chick Publications

  • For more than 25 years Jack Chick has been a major figure in anti-Catholicism in the United States. His small comic strip tracts are simultaneously the funniest and the scariest anti-Catholic literature available today. He has now expanded his publishing house to the web. From his online catalog a wide variety of books and comics can be ordered. A number are also available in electronic form. His comics are filled with fascinating conspiracy theories, including the assertion that Islam was a Catholic plot to destroy true Christianity. (See The Prophet.) His books include reprints of several classics of anti-Catholic literature, including such secular authors as Edmond Paris. (See the book list.)

    Chick Publications received a Best of the Christian Web award in 1996 for its web-site.

    Because of his singular reputation, it is not surprising that there are several sites devoted to him. One example of such a site is the Jack T. Chick Parody Archive. (Unfortunately, the Unofficial WWW Jack Chick Archive, which provided an extensive archive of his tracts and detailed criticism of his literary and artistic themes, has been discontinued.) There is also a Catholic apologetics site exclusively devoted to refuting the material in Chick comics.

  • Way of Life Literature
  • This is a publishing company (both electronic and traditional). They publish O Timothy Magazine, which contains a number of anti-Catholic articles. One of interest is an attack on Promise Keepers for being soft on Catholicism. They also run the Fundamental Baptist Information Service (formerly the Fundamental Baptist News Service), a mailing list which provides articles for independent, fundamentalist baptist publications. Its archives contain a large collection of anti-Catholic articles. Of particular interest is their defense of Loraine Boettner. Boettner's book, Roman Catholicism, from 1962, is a modern classic of anti-Catholicism.

  • Bible Believer's Resource Page
  • An online archive of material for conservative Christians who only use the King James Bible. In their section on cults they maintain a large collection of anti-Catholic links and on-site material. While this site was once quite large, as of 08/11/00 it had shrunk slightly. Missing are excerpts from the Secret History of the Jesuits, by Edmond Paris. (Published by Chick Publications.) Since the Reformation the Jesuits have been a frequent target of anti-Catholics, who often make them into the masterminds of a variety of conspiracy theories. (For example, in the nineteenth century, Charles Chiniquy asserted that the Jesuits assassinated Abraham Lincoln.)

  • Alpha and Omega Ministries
  • A ministry devoted to rather combative evangelization and outreach from a convservative Baptist perspective. Of interest are the extensive rebuttals of and debates with Catholic apologists, particularly the conservative Catholic group Catholic Answers.

    Of all the sites I have classified as anti-Catholic, only Alpha and Omega Ministries has challenged this label, The director, James White, said that the term anti-Catholic "is a buzzword that might describe some people but has little meaning when applied to those who provide an honest response to Roman Catholic claims." Later, one of his supporters also challenged its inclusion here.

  • Jesus-is-Lord

  • A evangelical ministry which believes only in the King James Bible. The webmaster is also the webring master for the Bible Challenge for Catholics webring. Their anti-Catholic sentiments are summarized in the Anti-Christ Slide Show. Their site has a very large collection of anti-Catholic documents and links. It is interesting for its breadth, since it touches on all the major themes of anti-Catholicism in America. Also of interest are its electronic versions of nineteenth century anti-Catholic classics, including The Papacy by J. A. Wylie, and The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional and Fifty Years in the "Church" of Rome by Charles Chiniquy, and The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop.

  • The Cutting Edge
  • Website for a ministry "providing spiritual insights into the New World Order". The Catholic Church plays a major role in this sinister conspiracy. Besides frequent mention in their radio broadcasts, they maintain a large collection of anti-Catholic files.

  • The Pacific Institute
  • A very simple website maintained by the otherwise unidentified Pacific Institute in San Diego. It offers a collection of books on a variety of topics related to the "End Times." Their books purport to show, among other things, that the Pope is the anti-Christ.

  • Christian Lifestyles TV Show
  • Web-page for a public access cable program in Portland, Oregon. The show is intended to proclaim the gospel and part of this ministry is to lead people away from cults, including the Catholic Church. You can download an interview with Richard Bennett, the founder of Berean Beacon Ministries.

    This site is interesting since it is an example of someone who does not reject the label "anti-Catholic". The webmaster asked me to add him to my web page and thanked me "for helping Catholics find biblical truth."

  • Ephesians 5:11
  • Primarily an anti-masonic organization, they describe the Catholic Church as a "subversive religious organization". They also maintain a number of links to other anti-Catholic sites.

  • The Believer's Web
  • A small site maintaining a library of Christian material. Material formerly at the site The Christian Connection has been moved here. Their section on cults contains one anti-Catholic article. Only marginally anti-Catholic.

  • Gospel Outreach Ministries Online
  • The web site of an evangelical ministry. They have a large anti-cult section called Different Gospels with a section on the Catholic church.

  • Christian News & Views
  • Another conservative ministry which uses the King James Bible. They have a small section on the false teachings of the Catholic Church, mostly reproduced from other sites.

  • Power of Prophecy
  • The monthly newsletter ministry of Texe Marrs, who is well known for his vast conspiracy theories which mix anti-semitism, anti-Catholicism and a host of other ingredients. His anti-Catholicism is amply demonstrated by his DVD, Is the Pope Catholic?

  • Deception in the Church
  • A site devoted to exposing "false doctrines, a different gospel, and even doctrines of demons" in a variety of churches and organizations, particularly the Third Wave Movement. The site has a number anti-Catholic articles "exposing Third Wave connections with Rome."

  • Contender Ministries
  •  A conservative Christian group with sections devoted to prophecy, the Middle East, evangelism, and apologetics. Most of the last material is devoted to refuting a variety of "cults" including Catholicism.

    On 10/01/04 I was contacted by Contender Ministries, who asked me to clarify that while it is probably accurate to describe their beliefs as "fundamentalist," they do not adhere to the "King James only" position. See the discussion on their web site.

  • Bible Desk
  • A Internet ministry from St. Petersburg, Florida, they describe themselves as "A mega-site of Bible, Christian and religious information & studies." They have a densely written discussion of Catholicism in their section on cults which is notable for its careful attempt to establish that the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon.

  • Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
  • A small, non-denominational ministry headed by Mathew Slick. It is primarily devoted to providing apologetical material against cults. Mr. Slick is of mixed minds as to whether Catholicism is a cult. He explicitly states that he does not believe it is, but at the same time created a table comparing the beliefs of Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses (which he does regard as cults) and Christianity. Initially, this site seemed to lie in the grey area between anti-Catholicism and legitimate disagreements with the Catholic teaching, but the tenor of the material indicates to me that it is just over the edge.

  • Acts 4:13
  • A small evangelical Christian ministry dedicated to "Challenging people to think for themselves about life's most importan questions." It is headed by Ray Kane, an ex-Catholic. The section on Catholic Tracts contains a number of anti-Catholic articles. (Impossible to link to because of the layout of the site.)

  • Christian Answers Network
  • A non-denominational, conservative Christian site which describes itself as "a mega-site providing biblical answers to contemporary questions for all ages and nationalities." It provides a variety of material on apologetics and topics of current interest. Material on Catholicism can be found both in the section Answers About Religion, and in a separate section called Effective Evangelism. Much of their material is drawn from Richard Bennett at Berean Beacon Ministries.

  • Born Again Christian Info
  • The web site for a conservative evangelical ministry run by Colin Melbourne. They prominently feature books and tracts from Chick Publications. Of interest is the modernized translation of John Knox's polemic,Why the mass is idolatry.

  • Catholic Arrogance
  • Originally a link off of the website Liberals Like Christ but now an idependent site. Liberals Like Christ is unique among the religious sites in that it defines itself as representing "liberal" Christianity (to the extent that it argues that Christians ought to be liberal democrats) but contains anti-Catholic mateiralOne feature that it does share with many of the other sites on this page is that its author identifies himself as an ex-Catholic.

  • Fresh Hope
  • A small ministry which seems primarily devoted to maintaining a large forum for online discussions. My attention was drawn to the site by the following e-mail from the webmaster: "I'd love to have my site listed as an "anti-Catholic" religious site.  A large majority of our members are ex catholics who tell the truth about the RCC." One discussion forum is directed specifically at Catholics.

  • Exposing Satanism
  • A ministry devoted to "exposing Satanism, witchcraft, and the Satanic new world order." Discusses Catholicism under false beliefs. It is not clear if the Catholic Church plays a specific role in their conspiracy theories.

  • Matthew 10:32 Ministries (Defunct as of 07/19/04)
  • A conservative Christian publishing company. While they do carry a variety of material, it is clear that their main publication is the book Escape From Purgatory, which is described as an "eye-opening account of Catholic teaching" written by a former Catholic, Joseph R. Schofield, Jr. The book is available used, but the publishing company appears to be out of business.

  • Apostasy Alert (Defunct as of 08/03/04)
  • Another site devoted to an apocalyptic conspiracy theory involving the Catholic Church. This site is another example of a group which requested to be listed on my site. They wrote: "We try hard at Apostasy Alert to expose the evils of Catholicism. But since you do not feel we are doing a good enough job [since we were not listed] we will be sure to post more articles!".

    This site has disappeared. While some version of it was active in 2000, according to the archives of the Catholic Information Network, an electronic discussion group, the web site was destroyed by GeoCities in 1998 for violating its content guidelines.

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    The following web-sites are maintained by churches which I presume (based on their material or links) are actively anti-Catholic. The vast majority of these are fundamentalist (in the technical sense of the term) independent Baptist churches; many of them also only accept the King James Bible as a valid translation. (Let me be clear, however, that neither fundamentalism nor KJV only make a church anti-Catholic.)

  • Bible Believers' Home Page
  • This site, a ministry of Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Minnesota, is a typical example. They have active links to Chick Publications and Mission to Catholics, and numerous articles about Catholicism under the heading False Doctrine.

  • The Interactive Bible
  • Maintained by the Hamilton Church of Christ in Hamilton, Ontario. This site maintains an exhaustive examination of Catholicism. Of interest is an up-to-date version of a list of "new" Catholic doctrines. Versions of this list have circulated widely; I suspect but cannot prove that they all derive, directly or indirectly, to the list which appears in Roman Catholicism by Loraine Boettner. These lists are a curious hodgepodge of important and trivial Catholic practices, presented without context.

  • Fundamental Bible Church
  • Located in Los Osos, California, they have a large on-line collection of tracts from the Fundamental Evangelistic Association (which appears to be a ministry of this church), including The Truth About Roman Catholicism.

  • Landmark Independent Baptist Church
  • Located in Archer, Florida, they define themselves as Christian and Baptist, but not Protestant. They have a number of anti-Catholic articles and links, including the Trail of Blood, a history of "true Christians" and their persecution by Catholics. They also have extensive links to other independent Baptist churches. Note that I have not inspected these sites carefully and have not categorized them as anti-Catholic.

  • PreRapture Ministries
  • An on-line ministry of Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Church in Durham, North Carolina. They seem to regard most other Christian denominations (including Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists and Presbyterians) and describe them vividly as Sewers of False Christianity.

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    The following are personal sites which contain anti-Catholic material. Some of these web sites identify themselves as being a ministry organization, but a close examination showed they were the work of a single indvidual, and so I have listed them here instead of above.

  • Countdown to the Last Days
  • An English site maintained by H. S. Venour and devoted to describing an apocalyptic conspiracy theory of a global tyranny centered around the Vatican. It has a small collection of links, many no longer active.

  • Bible Prophecy

  • A personal ministry site maintained Frank L. Caw Jr. He has written a long book about the "End Times". Originally, I include this site because it contained an on-line copy of a classic anti-Catholic book, The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop. This text is no longer available, and a review of his material indicates that the Catholic Church does not play a role in his understanding of prophecy. He cites Hislop, but on a technical point to back his interpretation of scripture. The only remaining evidence of anti-Catholicism is a link to The Berean Call, a ministry which classifies Catholicism as a cult. This site is, at most, only marginally anti-Catholic, and I include it here only to show that the nature of these sites can change over time.

  • Bible Discernment Ministries
  • A personal ministry of Rick Miesel, devoted to exposing "cults," which includes the Catholic Church. Of interest is the extensive condemnation of the Christian Research Institute (a conservative Christian think tank) for being soft on Catholicism.

  • The Reformation Online
  • A web site maintained by Leon Kilkenny and his family, who describe themselves as "REFORMED Christians or Protestant Christians, " and their site as containing "Christ exalting, Rome busting info." The site is a collection of a number of articles on a variety of topics, many of which are conspiracy theories which rival those of Jack Chick. For example, John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Church because he refused to follow its orders about the war in Vietnam, and vaccination is a Catholic plot. Also of interest are on-line versions of two books by the secular anti-Catholic writer Avro Manhattan: The Vatican's Holocaust and Vietnam: Why Did We Go?.

  • Bible Light Home Page
  • A site maintained by Michael Scheifler "dedicated to revealing the truth from the Word of God." It contains two collections of anti-Catholic files (Mystery Babylon and The False Prophet of Revelation). Of particular interest are the ones connecting pagan sun worship and Catholicism. (See, for example, the file on the monstrance.)

  • Apostasy in the Church
  • A site maintained by Ed Tarkowski. It contains a large collection of tracts which he has written, most of which are anti-Catholic. Many of them denounce the ecumenical movement as a front for Catholic domination.

  • Ecumenism With Catholics?
  • A site maintained by Bill Scudder with his "Testimony of Working with Charismatic Catholics." I included this site at the request of Mr. Scudder.

  • The Park Family Christian Web Site
  • Created by the Park family. Contains a collection of anti-Catholic links for our Catholic friends". Describes the Catholic Church as "by far the greatest and most destructive and deceptive religion ever."

    When updating this site in 2000 (08/11/00), this site was defunct. However, a current search showed that at some point since then the site had been restored.

  • The Christian Sentinel
  • An online magazine written by Bill and Jackie Alnor, devoted to being "a voice of biblical reason in the face of secular and religious trends that shipwreck the faith of many." Ms. Alnor, a ex-Catholic, writes a section entitled Catholic Answers (not to be confused with the conservative Catholic group of the same name) which attacks a variety of Catholic beliefs. I learned of this site when I received an e-mail from her.

    Blessed Quietness Journal

    Formerly known as Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal, this is an web magazine written by Steve Van Nattan, a self-identified KJV only fundamentalist. The journal is written in a deliberately provocative (if not deliberately offensive) style, and is intended to "deliver hot Hell fire in the face of you heretics." A extremely large collection of articles and links (with editorial comment) is gotten by following the link Roman Whore.

  • Amazing Grace
  • A site maintained by Greg Moore. I learned of this site when Mr. Moore wrote me after finding my site. He readily identified his own site as anti-Catholic, and pointed me to a page which discusses cults: Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormonism. However, as of 08/05/04 this page still exists, but there is no longer a link to it from his main page.

  • Lazyboy's Rest Stop
  • A site maintained by "Lazyboy," a self-identified "evangelical, fundamentalist Christian." He maintains a page of Catholic Stuff; of particular interest is the page on Body Parts, discussing the relics of saints.

  • The Harrowing
  • A site maintained by Jay Nelson to promote his novel of the same name. The novel and the website are devoted to an exploration of "sex, sin and satanism in the Catholic Church." Mr. Nelson identifies himself as a victim of sexual abuse by a priest, and much of the material on his site is related to the current sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. He goes beyond this to lay out a conspiracy theory involving Nazi gold and Satanism. Perhaps understandably, he gives credence to the discredited anti-Catholic story of Maria Monk. He also maintains (on a separate site) a sensational discussion of the Inquisition (a favorite of anti-Catholics).

  • Roman Catholicism Page (Defunct as of 08/05/04)
  • Extensive collection of anti-Catholic links and articles maintained by "Quietheart".

    The personal testimony of "QuietHeart," identified as Kathleen Baer, is still available on another site.

  • The Gospel According to John (Defunct as of 08/05/04)
  • An iconoclastic web-site maintained by John R. Anderson. His views on the Catholic church are clear from the introduction: "the Roman Catholic Church is a false church (the mother of whores, Rev. 17), preaches a false gospel and IS NOT part of the body of Christ."

  • Inside the Scroll (Defunct as of 08/05/04)
  • A site maintained by Tom Weaver. It includes his massive essay (In the Frame "Books and Exposes") Inside the Catholic Catechism. (Again note the effort devoted to analyzing the Catechism.) When I first found this site it raised an interesting question: how should I distinguish between anti-Catholicism and legitimate theological disagreements with the Catholic church? After examining this particular site closely, I came to the conclusion that it was anti-Catholic. Besides the essay itself (which acknowledges David Cloud, head of Way of Life Literature, who is openly anti-Catholic) the site contains a number of links to anti-Catholic sites. The site also contains comments from others who have viewed it; at least one other reader has accused him of being anti-Catholic. For a comparison, see the scholarly and even-handed summary of Catholic doctrine prepared by the staff of Xenos Christian Fellowship, an evangelical church in Ohio.

    Inside the Catholic Catechism is still available at the web site of Deception in the Church.

  • Arnel's Home Page (Defunct as of 08/05/04)
  • A small homepage for Arnel Ornedo, a member of a small Philippine Church called Iglesia Ni Cristo. He has written an open letter to the Catholic apolegetical group Catholic Answers, rebutting an article they wrote about Iglesia Ni Cristo. The letter is a lengthy summary of anti-Catholic beliefs.

  • The Narrow Way (Defunct as of 08/05/04)
  • A site maintained by Brian Snider. Of particular interest are the excerpts from nineteenth century anti-Catholic material.

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