The Electronic Office of David Cruz-Uribe, SFO

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Department of Mathematics
Trinity College
Hartford, CT 06106-3100

Office Phone: 860-297-2297
FAX: 860-987-6239

Professional Information:

For information on the classes I am currently teaching, please consult the Math Department web site and Blackboard.

My main research interests are in classical harmonic analysis, particularly the study of weighted norm inequalities and the structure of the associated weight classes. For a list of my publications, see my vita. For offprints and preprints, please send me e-mail.

For links to just about everyone in my field, see the directory of Harmonic Analysts maintained by Terence Tao at UCLA.

Personal Information:

Click here to go to my personal page. Be forewarned that like on my physical office door, I state my opinions here quite freely.

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    I share this office with my virtual office mate Sara Robinson, currently at the University of California, Berkeley. Her portion of the office is here. Send her e-mail at

    As with our physical office door, all the opinions expressed here are mine unless otherwise specified.