Craig Wm Schneider's Seaweed Lab

A taxonomic and nomenclatural reasessment of the Collins et al. (1895-1919) exsiccatae, Phycotheca Boreali-Americana



Between 1895 and 1919, Frank S. Collins, Isaac Holden & William A. Setchell issued a 51-volume exsiccatae of marine and freshwater algae from North America, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Eighty bound sets of the exsiccatae were produced, and many of the numbers were issued as separates with printed or type-written labels. A great number of the included specimens represent type material making this exsiccata an invaluable resource for taxonomists. For some time, we have been working on a project to put current names on each of the nearly 2500 specimens, list all publications where each of the specimens have been noted (and the names given in each of these publications), and locate and list the present location of each of the 80 original exsiccatae.

If you have mentioned a P.B.-A. specimen in a recent publication, or if your institution has an exsiccatae, please send this information to: &

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