Craig Wm Schneider's Seaweed Lab

Notes on the marine algae of the Bermudas. 7. Additions to the flora including Chondracanthus saundersii sp. nov. (Rhodophyta, Gigartinaceae) based on rbcL sequence analysis

C.W. SCHNEIDER and C.E. LANE (2005)

Phycologia 44: 72-83


Ten species are added to the benthic marine algal flora of the Bermuda islands; Caulerpella ambigua, Champia salicornioides, Chondracanthus saundersii sp. nov., Dictyota pinnatifida, Gelidiella lubrica, Gelidiopsis planicaulis, Peyssonnelia simulans, Pterocladiella caerulescens, Laurencia decumbens, and Ulva chaetomorphoides. The new species, C. saundersii, is distinguished from congeners by its morphology and molecular identity and was previously known in Bermuda and much of the western Atlantic asC. acicularis.

Key words: Bermuda, Caulerpella, Champia, Chondracanthus saundersii sp. nov., Dictyota, Gelidiella, Gelidiopsis, Laurencia, Peyssonnelia, Pterocladiella, rbcL, Ulva.