Book Reviews

Blackburn, D.G. (1998).  New perspectives on the history of life.  Invited review of Biology as History. Vol. 1. Systematic Biology as Historical Science, edited by G. Pinna and M.T. Ghiselin. Vol 2. New Perspectives on the History of Life: Essays on Systematic Biology as Historical Narrative , edited by M.T. Ghiselin and G. Pinna. Quarterly Review of Biology 73: 73.

Blackburn, D.G. (1997). Invited Review Essay on River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life, by Richard Dawkins. Reports of the National Center for Science Education 17 (2).   

Blackburn, D.G. (1996). Dinosaur Extinction and the End of an Era: What the Fossils Say, by J. David Archibald. Creation/ Evolution 16(2): 41-43. (Journal of the National Center for Science Education)

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Blackburn, D.G. (1992b). The Monkeys of Arashiyama: Thirty Five Years of Research in Japan and the West, edited by L.M. Fedigan and P.J. Asquith (1991). CHOICE, March 1992, p. 317.

Blackburn, D.G. (1992c). Egg Incubation: Its Effects on Embryonic Development in Birds and Reptiles, edited by D.C. Deeming and M.W.J. Ferguson (1991). CHOICE, October 1992, p. 364.

Blackburn, D.G. (1991a). The Behaviour of Pinnipeds, edited by D. Renouf (1991). CHOICE, October 1991, p. 302.

Blackburn, D.G. (1991b). The Natural History of Shrews, by S. Churchfield (1990). CHOICE, July/August 1991, p. 352.

Blackburn, D.G. (1991c). The Natural History of Moles, by M.L. Gorman and R.D. Stone (1990). CHOICE, March 1991, p. 336.

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