Course Description: Principles of Neuroscience is a broad-based, two-semester introductory sequence that explores the rapidly-developing field of Neuroscience. Trinity's introductory sequence is team-taught, and draws upon the expertise of faculty in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Philosophy, and Psychology.

The first semester, Principles of Neuroscience: Neurobiology, (NESC 201) focuses on the neuron and its biological interactions in vertebrate nervous systems. Topics include structure and function of neurons and neuroglia, development and functional organization of animal nervous systems, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, and neuropsychopharmacology. Computer simulations are included. Prerequisites for the course are Biology 152L and 153L, and permission of the Neuroscience Program Director (Prof. Church). 1 credit.

Lectures: two 75 minute lectures/ week. Attendance at lectures is mandatory, and roll will be taken.


Dr. Daniel Blackburn, Dept. of Biology, LSC 247, ext. 2231
Dr. Joseph Bronzino, Dept. of Engineering, MCEC 395, ext. 2224

Dr. Susan Masino, Neuroscience Program and Dept. of Psychology, LSC 208
Dr. Hebe Guardiola-Diaz, Dept of Biology,  LSC 242, ext. 2351

Grading: Final letter grades are based on the three lecture exams (22% each) and the final exam (34%).