Welcome to The Trinity College Weather Station webpage.  Currently, the station is taking measurements for air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, barometric pressure and ground temperature. In the next few weeks we will be installing a sensor to record  precipitation levels.

This webpage is a project in progress. Pages will be updated and changed in the near future as we add sensors and graphical output displays and redesign pages.

Please choose one of the links below:

Current Conditions - page automatically refreshes every 15 seconds.

Soil Temperatures  - Soil temperatures are recorded every hour.

Trends - [Temperature] [Barometric Pressure] [Wind]

Instrumentation - sensors, software etc.

This project is a collaboration between Environmental Science and Academic Computing. We would like to thank the President's Office, The Dean of  Faculty's Office, and Buildings and Grounds for their efforts and support in getting this station up and running.

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