Michael McGough
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Religion in the News articles:

"Windsor Knot," Religion in the News, Winter 2005
Journalists cut - sometimes too quickly - to the chase in covering an Anglican report about gay bishops, poaching prelates, and impaired communion.

"O Brother, Who Art Thou?", Religion in the News, Spring 2003
The complex debate over Jesus' family life.

"On the Beat: A Canterbury Tale", Religion in the News, Summer 2002. 
The British press revels in a moment when religion is politics.

"Feeble Opinions About the House Chaplaincy", Religion in the News, Summer 2000.
Editorial writers joined half-heartedly in the wrangling over whom should be appointed as chaplain to the U.S. House of Representatives. But, by and large, they maintained a long tradition of discreet silence rather than vigorous argumentation when the subject is religion.