Frank Kirkpatrick,
professor of religion, Trinity College

Religion on the News articles:

Rowan Williams Lays Down His Burden, Religion in the News, Fall 2012
The Archbishop of Canterbury retires as the global Anglican Communion fades away.

The Episcopalian Split,  Religion in the News, Fall 2009
Change picks up speed as the Episcopal Church moves past schism over gay ordination and marriage.

Lambeth, Blah, Blah, Blah, Religion in the News, Fall 2008
The Archbishop of Canterbury's jawboning strategy tamps down the Anglican crisis.

Show Me the Money, Religion in the News, Winter 2008

Maybe the Center Holds After All, Religion in the News, Fall 2006
The Episcopal crackup fails to materialize.

"Breaking Up is Hard to Do"  Religion in the News, Spring 2004
Reports of Episcopal schism may be exaggerated.

"The Anglican Crackup, Religion in the News, Fall 2003
The consecration of a gay bishop sends the Anglican communion to the brink.