he Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life, Trinity College

Series Editors: Mark Silk and Andrew Walsh

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Religion matters in the United States.  But so do regional differences.  Understanding the place of religion in each region is critical to recognizing where these regions are headed and why.  The Religion by Region Series, a project of the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life at Trinity College in Hartford, represents the first comprehensive effort to show how religion shapes, and is being shaped by, regional culture in America.  Edited volumes on each of the eight regions of the country will demonstrate that region’s unique religious culture.  A ninth volume will sum up the results in order to draw larger conclusions about the way religion and region combine to affect civic culture and public policy in the United States as a whole.  Scholars, students, journalists, and clergy who want to understand the role of region in American religion and the role of religion in American public life will do well to consult the Religion by Region Series.  


Religion and Public Life in the Pacific Northwest
The None Zone

Edited by Patricia O’Connell Killen (Pacific Lutheran University) and Mark Silk (Trinity College)

Contents: Surveying the Landscape: Historic Trends and Current Patterns in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, Patricia O’Connell Killen and Mark Shibley (Southern Oregon University);  Secular but Spiritual in the Pacific Northwest, Mark Shibley (Southern Oregon University); Contesting for the Soul of an Unlikely Land:  Mainline Protestants, Catholics, and Jews in the Pacific Northwest, Dale Soden (Whitworth College); The Churching of the Pacific Northwest:  The Rise of Sectarian Entrepreneurs, James Wellman (University of Washington);  Religions of the Pacific Rim in the Pacific Northwest, Lance Laird (Evergreen State College); Religious Futures in the None Zone, Patricia O’Connell Killen.

 Published: April 2004 / 192 pages / 0-7591-0625-8 $19.95 paper [£14.95] / 0-7591-0624-X $55.00 cloth [£42.00]

Religion and Public Life in the Mountain West
Sacred Landscapes in Transition

Edited by Jan Shipps (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis) and Mark Silk (Trinity College)

 Contents: Introduction-Religion in the Mountain West: Geography as Destiny, Jan Shipps; The Religious Demography of an Oasis Culture, Walter Nugent (University of Notre Dame); How Religion Created an Infrastructure for the Mountain West, Ferenc Morton Szasz (University of New Mexico); The Mormon Corridor: Utah and Idaho, Kathleen Flake (Vanderbilt University); Catholic Heartland in Transition:  Arizona and New Mexico, Randi Jones Walker (Pacific School of Religion); Polarized Tribes: Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, Philip A. Deloria (University of Michigan); Conclusion-Sacred Landscapes in Tension, Jan Shipps.

Published: June 2004 / 160 pages / 0-7591-0627-4 $19.95 paper [£14.95] / 0-7591-0626-6 $55.00 cloth [£42.00]


Religion and Public Life in New England
Steady Habits Changing Slowly

Edited by Andrew Walsh (Trinity College) and Mark Silk (Trinity College)

 Contents: The Demographic Layout: A Tale of Two New Englands, Stephen Prothero (Boston University); Catholics I: Majority Faith with a Minority Mindset, James M. O’Toole (Boston College); Catholics II: In the Flux of Crisis, Michele Dillon (University of New Hampshire);  Mainline Protestants:  Custodians of a Community, Maria E. Erling (Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg); Conservative Protestants, Andrew Walsh; Jews and African Americans: Holding Down the Fort, Daniel Terris (Brandeis University); Conclusion-On Common Ground, Andrew Walsh.

Date of Publication: November 2004 / 160 pages / 0-7591-0629-0 $19.95 paper [£14.95] / 0-7591-0628-2 $55.00 cloth [£42.00]

Religion and Public Life in the Midwest
Heartland as Common Denominator

Edited by Philip Barlow (Hanover College) and Mark Silk (Trinity College)

 Contents: Midwest Demography: America Writ Small? Philip Barlow; Protestants: An Enduring Methodist Thing, Mark Noll (Wheaton College); The Lutheran Difference: What More Than Nice? DeAne Lagerquist (St. Olaf College); A Different Breed of Catholics, Jay Dolan (University of Notre Dame); Religion and Recent Immigrants: New Ferment in American Civic Life, Raymond Williams (Wabash College); Chicago: Religion in the City on the Make, Lowell Livezey (University of Illinois at Chicago) and Elfriede Wiedam (IUPUI); Religion and Place: Urban, Rural, and Suburban Forms of Religious Expression, Rhys Williams (University of Cincinnati);  Overview, Peter Williams (Miami University of Ohio).

 October 2004 / 208 pages / 0-7591-0631-2 $24.95 paper [£18.95] / 0-7591-0630-4 $69.00 cloth [£53.00]

Religion and Public Life in the Southern Crossroads Region
The Showdown States

Edited by William Lindsey (Philander Smith College) and Mark Silk (Trinity College)

Contents: Overview, William Lindsey; Religion and Demography in the New Burned-Over District, William Leonard (Wake Forest University); Down, but not Out: African American and Native American Religious Folk, Cheryl Kirk-Duggan (Graduate Theological Union); Protestants: From Denominational Controversialists to Culture Warriors, Andy Manis (Macon State College); Negotiating Catholicism/s: Religious Identity vs. Regional Citizenship, Kathy Breazale (Pacific Lutheran University);  Holiness and Pentecostal Traditions, Jane Harris (Hendrix University).

November 2004 / 160 pages / 0-7591-0633-9 $19.95 paper [£14.95] / 0-7591-0632-0 $55.00 cloth [£42.00]

Religion and Public Life in the South
In the Evangelical Mode

Edited by Charles Reagan Wilson (University of Mississippi) and Mark Silk (Trinity College)

Contents: Demography, Ted Ownby (University of Mississippi); Overview: Religion and Southern Public Life, Charles Reagan Wilson; The Evangelical Belt, Paul Harvey (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs); African American Religion and Southern Public Life, William E. Montgomery (Austin Community College); Religious Minorities Living in the Evangelical Belt, Charles Lippy (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga); Southern Civil Religions, Andy Manis (Macon State College); From Church Women’s Clubs to Office Holding, Lynn Lyerly (Boston College); Religion and Regions within the South: Appalachia and Peninsular Florida, Sam Hill (University of Florida).

August 2005 / 208 pages / 0-7591-0635-5 $24.95 paper [£18.95] / 0-7591-0634-7 $69.00 cloth [£24.95]

Religion and Public Life in the Pacific Region
Fluid Identities

Edited by Wade Clark Roof (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Mark Silk (Trinity College)

 Contents: Demography, Wade Clark Roof; Overview, Phillip E. Hammond (University of Santa Barbara); Nones, Susan Frankiel (Claremont College); Familiar Players: Mainline and Evangelical Protestants, Mormons, Douglas Firth Anderson (Northwestern College, Iowa); Newcomers: Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus, David Machacek (Trinity College); Hawaii, George Tanabe (University of Hawaii).

Fall 2005 / 160 pages / 0-7591-0639-8 $19.95 paper [£14.95] / 0-7591-0638-X $55.00 cloth [£42.00]

Religion and Public Life in the Middle Atlantic Region
Fount of Diversity

Edited by Randall Balmer (Columbia University) and Mark Silk (Trinity College)

Contents: Demography, Vivian Klaff (University of Delaware); Overview, Randall Balmer; Jews, Lawrence Grossman (American Jewish Committee); Protestants, James Hudnut-Beumler (Vanderbilt University); Catholics, James Fisher (Fordham University); Newcomers, Wendy Cadge (Bowdoin College).

January 2006 / 160 pages / 0-7591-0637-1 $19.95 paper [£14.95] / 0-7591-0636-3 $55.00 cloth [£42.00]

Religion by Region
Religion and Public Life in The United States

By Mark Silk (Trinity College) and Andrew Walsh (Trinity College)

 Contents: Why Religion by Region?; Protestants and other Non-Catholic Christians; Catholics; Non-Christians; Regional Public Life; Region and Nation; Appendix.

April 2006 / 224 pages / 0-7591-0641-X $24.95 paper [£18.95] / 0-7591-0640-1 $69.00 cloth [£53.00]


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