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  Contents:  Summer 2010, Vol. 13, No. 1

Haiti Laid Low
Leslie Desmangles
In the wake of a devastating earthquake, Vodou emerges as a respected public force.


Snatching Babies for Jesus
Shannon Smith
Haiti’s government arrests U.S. missionaries for attempting unauthorized
transportation of children out of the country.


Singing Against the Rubble
Elizabeth McAlister
Haitians turn to sacred song--and Americans to telethons--
to heal the country’s grievous wounds.


With the 13th volume of Religion in the News we are reducing the number of issues per year from three to two. It would be less than honest to say that this decision had nothing to do with resources. Over the past year, the Greenberg Center has needed to join many other institutions in tightening its belt. At the same time, we believe there are advantages to being able to take a somewhat longer look at the stories we follow - and as we go forward, we expect to expand the number of stories per issue, at our new web address:  Meanwhile, for the commentary on the religion news of the day in real time, there is our blog, Spiritual Politics (

From the Editor
The Christian Coalition Revisited by Mark Silk

The GOP’s Latino Problem by Juhem Navarro-Rivera
The Republican Party is less and less appealing to Latino voters.

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill by Mark Fackler
A proposed death penalty for homosexuals attracts the world’s attention.

The Word from Kampala’s Anglicans by Jesse Masai
The Church of Uganda hates the sin, but the bill goes too far.

Losing Patience with the Vatican by Andrew Walsh
As the world pushes for disciplinary actions against Catholic hierarchs, Rome digs in its heals.

Death in the Sweat Lodge by Christine McCarthy McMorris
A New Age entrepreneur faces homicide charges in Arizona.

Faith-Based 2.0 by Brendan Kelly
The Obama administration re-tools the faith-based initiative.

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