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Environment/Natural Disasters 


The New Dominionist Politics, Religion in the News,Vol 14, No 1. by Seth Dowland

Is Christian dominion on the margins or at the heart of evangelical politics?

Haiti Laid Low Religion in the News, Summer 2010 by Leslie Desmangles
In the wake of a devastating earthquake, Vodou emerges as a respected public force.

Snatching Babies for Jesus Religion in the News, Summer 2010 by Shannon Smith
Haitiís government arrests U.S. missionaries for attempting unauthorized
transportation of children out of the country.

Singing Against the Rubble Religion in the News, Summer 2010 by Elizabeth McAlister
Haitians turn to sacred song--and Americans to telethons-- to heal the countryís grievous wounds.

Men in Green, Religion in the News, Winter 2008, by Andrew Walsh
Faith-based environmentalism:
The surge in religious environmentalism

After Katrina , Religion in the News, Winter 2006, by David A. Stricoff
Hurricane Katrina devastates Gulf Coast religion.

Winning Hearts and Minds in Kashmir, Religion in the News, Winter 2006, by Colin M. Adams
Covering the aftermath of the Kashmir earthquake.

Was New Orleans Asking For It?, Religion in the News, Fall 2006, Mark Silk.
Editor's column on Christian response to Hurricane Katrina.

"What Would Jesus Drive?," Religion in the News, Spring 2003, by Christine McCarthy McMorris.
A minister's clever question reshapes public debate about SUVs.