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Breaking Bad in Burma Religion in the News, Vol 15, No.2 by Ingrid Jordt
Until recently viewed as heroes of religious liberty, Buddhist monks are now striking a hardline stance against Islam.

China’s Lama Obsession Religion in the News, Vol 12, No.3, by Alexander D. Salvato
China’s ongoing campaign against the Dalai Lama. 

A Buddhist Bishop in the UP?, Religion in the News, Vol 12, No.1 by Alexander D. Salvato
Can an Episcopal bishop have Buddhist lay ordination?

Is the Dalai Lama Slipping?, Religion in the News Fall 2008, by Alexander Salvato.
Tibetans don't seem to be looking to the Dalai Lama for leadership.

Turning Over the Bowl in Burma, Religion in the News, Winter 2008, by Ingrid Jordt
The Burmese regime is excommunicated.

Religious Politics, Japanese Style, Religion in the News, Summer 2006, by Benjamin Dorman.
Soka Gakkai applies the brakes.

"Idol Threats", Religion in the News, Summer 2001, [The Taliban wins friends and influences people by destroying an ancient Buddhist monument in Afghanistan], by Thomas Barfield, Boston University

"Tibet I: Lama on the Lam", Religion in the News, Fall 2000, [escape of tenn-aged Karmapa Lama from China helps call into question the whole reincarnate lama tradition], by Ellen Herson Wittman

"Tibet II: Monastic Spinmeister", Religion in the News, Fall 2000, [The Dalai Lama outspins the Chinese government at the UN's Millennium World Peace Summit], by William K. Piotrowski, editorial assistant

Religion on the International News Agenda, 2000
[144-page volume (Acrobat .pdf file)], edited by Mark Silk