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new religious movements and "cults" 


Scientology’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year, Religion in the News, Vol. 12 No. 3,
Christine McCarthy McMorris

Scientologists endure a long siege of public scandal.

FDLS 1, Texas 0, Religion in the News, Fall 2008, by Eugene V. Gallagher..
Texas fumbles its child abuse case against fundamentalist Mormons.

The Gospel According to South Park, Religion in the News, Summer/Fall 2007, by Abe Silk
A cartoon series takes on religion in America.

Cult Fighting in Middle Georgia , Religion in the News, Summer 2006, by Susan Palmer.
A sheriff brings down a black spiritualist movement.

Cruisin' for a Scientological Bruisin', Religion in the News, Fall 2006, Christine McCarthy McMorris.
A controversial faith gets more than it bargained for.

The Latest Japanese Cult Panic, Religion in the News, Summer 2003, by Benjamin Dorman.
Japanese society mobilizes to suppress another millennial group.

Unrael!, Religion in the News, Spring 2003, by Susan Palmer.
A UFO religion discovers that the media plays ball.

"Amazing Graceland",  Religion in the News, Fall 2002, [Journalists snicker at the Cult of Elvis, but the religion is for real.] by Christine McMorris, editorial associate.

"Harry and the Evangelicals", Religion in the News, Spring 2002, [Many conservative Protestants are not wild about Harry Potter, but love the Lord of the Rings.] by Richard Peace, Fuller Theological Seminary.

"No Bad Sects in France", Religion in the News, Fall 2001, [why the French government passed a new law "for the Prevention and Suppression of Cultic Movements"], by Benjamin-Hugo, Laval University, Quebec

"The Rael Deal", Religion in the News, Summer 2001, [A UFO-based religion goes for human cloning], by Susan Palmer, Dawson College, Montreal

"Aum Alone", Religion in the News, Spring 2001, [With support from government and much of the media, many Japanese are shunning members of Aum Shinrikyo and banning their children from schools] by Ben Dorman, Australian National University

"Cult Fighting in Massachusetts", Religion in the News, Fall 2000, [A professional cult fighter takes a large and unexamined role in the state investigation of child abuse in a small religious group], by Andrew Walsh, managing editor

"Waco Redux: Trial and Error", Religion in the News, Fall 2000, [wrongful death lawsuit brought against federal government by survivors and relatives of the Branch Davidians], by Stuart A. Wright, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas

"Spiritual Victimology", Religion in the News, Fall 1999, [Jews and evangelicals as targets of hate crime], by Dennis R. Hoover, associate editor

"Something Wiccan This Way Comes", Religion in the News, Summer 1999, [Wicca practiced at Fort Hood, Texas Army base], by Mark Silk, editor